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Our Experience

Our coaches bring over 50 years of combined experience to our athletes. Their experiences make them diligent coaches, mentors, and students of the sport. They work to instill a love for the game that is more than just wins and losses. 

What is the difference between a Regional and National Team?

This is a great question that we often answer. There are a couple of basic differences: Time and Travel. Let's look at them separately.

Time: This involves the number of practices and the season length. 

Practices:  Regional teams practice twice a week, while National teams practice three times a week. 

Season Length:  Regional teams end in late May, whereas National teams end in late June.

Travel:  This involves the number of out-of-state and multi-day tournaments for the teams. 

Regional teams usually have no more than 1 out-of-state tournament, with most occurring within the surrounding metro Atlanta area. Depending on the age, the older Regional teams typically have more two-day tournaments. 

National teams frequently travel out of state. Tournaments last almost exclusively two to three days and may require Thursday/Friday travel. Teams may qualify (through tournament finish) for additional "next level" tournaments, which are almost always out-of-state.

Of course, if you combine the two above areas, you inevitably realize a third difference: Cost. 

Regional teams have lower "tuition" or fees, whereas National teams have higher fees + travel costs. 

We recognize this is no small commitment for families. We provide several fundraising opportunities and hotel "block" rates (where possible). Additionally, some families carpool, share hotel rooms, etc. 

If you have additional questions or concerns about the different team "levels," please do not hesitate to ask! 


AVC Coaches firmly believe in providing a healthy and productive environment free from abuse and/or harassing behavior.