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For Parents

New Policy for Officials and Staff

USA Volleyball had this to say regarding their new "HIROS" policy

USAV has also established a new program in response to the increasing incidence of harassment. Called HIROS, short for "Harassment Incident Response – Officials & Staff," It is also commonly referred to as “Zero Tolerance.” Zero Tolerance was put in place to protect our officials, tournament staff, players, coaches, and event spectators from any kind of harassment encountered during an event. Please report the perceived harassment you encounter or witness to our championship desk staff, nearest official, or event arbitrator IMMEDIATELY so we can perform a timely investigation and take appropriate action.

Be Informed, Stay Aware, and Bring Attention to Concerns

Everyone is responsible for creating and maintaining a healthy environment for our athletes. Each of us comes from different backgrounds, ideals, and situations. To help set a universal code of conduct, USA Volleyball has established the "Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies."

According to USA Volleyball, "The goal of MAPP is to limit one-on-one interactions with minor athletes such that interactions with minors should be observable and interruptible. The complete policy can be found on the USAV website at Please inform all your coaches, players, and parents about this policy and where to find it. Any violation of MAAPP that is observed by anyone should be reported to"


Season Photos

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